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Our story

Pain Chaud, in French, means "warm bread". The aroma of warm bread baking is incomparable and gives you an instant need to eat it. Soon after coming out of the oven still a little warm, this is the best moment to enjoy the crispy crust and tender heart of the bread of your choice.


Hence you will always find an oven in each Pain Chaud shop where all our breads are baked daily.


The original Pain Chaud opened on the French national day “Bastille Day” 14th July 2013. Pain Chaud mission has, since that time, been providing its clientele with traditional French breads and pastries.


Pain Chaud wishes to provide its clients with something more than just French bread, pastries or coffee, the atmosphere and the modern lifestyle together with great service are the key components of the experience.


The founders of Pain Chaud and their team are striving to bring traditional French bakery products into peoples’ lives providing them with a taste of French lifestyle...

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